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Divorce is one of the biggest (and most expensive) life transitions you will ever go through.  There is lots to do, lots to learn and tons of decisions to make. All while you might be feeling abandoned, scared, guilty and just plain sad.  Nobody teaches us how to get divorced -- it’s not like we take "Divorce Ed" in school!  So I created LANDING ON YOUR FEET - A COMPASSIONATE LAWYER'S GUIDE TO DIVORCE to provide you with the legal information and support that you need.  For $350, this 8- module online course will help you ...

  • Get organized
  • Know what to expect
  • Understand the legal framework and
  • Negotiate better.

You are not just transitioning your family from one household to two.  You have to restructure everything – your finances, your furniture, and your kids’ schedules.  And that’s just on the surface! It goes much deeper – you are also restructuring your expectations of yourself and your spouse.  You may be reflecting on the past while you are planning for an unknown future. 


Let’s face it – divorce can be unpredictable - and, at times, overwhelming. It can be easy to get tangled up in blame and fighting. And you can lose sight of what matters.  You need reliable, credible information that is presented in a clear and concise way.  After all, knowledge is power. Where can you go for help?

  • You can talk to your friends who’ve been divorced but their situation might be nothing like yours.
  • You can do research on the internet but most posts have snippets of information, nothing in depth.
  • You can read a book, but then there is not one to ask questions of.
  • You can hire (and often should) lawyer or mediator – but you’ll be paying them by the hour to educate you about the law.

LANDING ON YOUR FEET gives you the basic legal information you need to work better with your lawyer, to know what facts are important for your lawyer to know, and to know what questions to ask.  All of these things will help you save $ on legal fees. I’m a compassionate divorce lawyer who speaks English (not just legalese) and I’m here to help. 

Landing On Your Feet - A Compassionate Lawyer's Guide to Divorce is a self-paced online coaching program that will take you from feeling overwhelmed and scared to being knowledgeable, well-organized and confident as you negotiate your divorce in 8 weeks... so you can land on your feet and start your new life.

For $350 -- less than the price of one hour of legal fees -- you will...

  • Understand the basics of alimony, property division, child support and parenting plans.

  • Enjoy the support of an experienced divorce attorney and others who are going through what you are.

  • Know how to work with your lawyer – and what questions to ask - so you can save money on legal fees.

  • Avoid the pitfalls that we all can get into when tangled up in conflict.

 Here's what you will learn:

Topics Covered

You’ll go through the first 2 modules in order, and then proceed in any order you want.

Each module has video lessons, information pages and worksheets for you to fill out. And the video lessons are available on a private podcast, so you can listen to them on the go!

1 – Setting Yourself Up for Success / Getting Ready for Divorce

2 – Process Options – Mediation? Collaborative Law?  Negotiated Settlement? Trial?

3 – Spousal Support -  (Alimony) 

4 – Dividing Property - Yours, Mine and Ours

5 – Child Support

6 – Creating a Parenting plan

7 – Negotiating

8 – Planning Next Steps 


 You will leave prepared! With a ...

  • Monthly budget - so you know what you live on.
  • List of assets and debts - to help with property division
  • Children's expenses
  • Parenting time worksheet
  • Holiday schedule worksheet
  • Child support worksheet
  • Mission, Vision and Values Statement
  • Check list for documents to gather to organize yourself
  • Check list for things to do after divorce

We'll work together in an inclusive,

supportive and accessible atmosphere. 

  • Watch the videos or listen to the podcast on your own time.
  • Each module has homework. Email it to me within 2 months of enrolling and I'll give you feedback. 
  • I'll be on Zoom on the 1st Friday of every month at 10:00 am (PT) / 1:00 pm (ET) to answer your questions, talk about your progress, and so we can support each other.

Who is Joy Rosenthal?

I didn’t start out wanting to be a lawyer.  In fact, I was SURE that it wasn’t for me.  But I changed my mind about 30 years ago, when I realized that I could use the law to help children and families.  I spent 10 years representing children in family court and I was struck by how loyal and kind children were to their family members – and how kids had such a strong sense of fairness, caring, and forgiveness. When I started my own law firm in 2006, I realized that being a compassionate lawyer and mediator for parents would help their children, too.  So that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

I also teach family law at the CUNY School of Law – and realized that my divorce mediation clients all needed the same legal information I was teaching my law students. I looked around, and no one had designed a class like that -- so I designed this myself.  For YOU.

What Clients Say...

"Divorce seemed like an insurmountable life change. Joy’s course helped make all the details more manageable. Divorce still isn’t easy but the class helped me shed the feeling of being stuck as the victim and instead feel empowered to do the work to move forward on my own terms."  

– J.R.

"Having someone walk you through each step makes the whole process less intimidating and more approachable."  

– J.S

"Finding Joy Rosenthal was a gift from heaven, because knowledge is power. Joy is very conscientious, she follows through on promises, supplies material and works so hard to explain the process. It is the most important course you can take if faced with a divorce and are not a lawyer yourself. I can talk to my divorce lawyer with knowledge and not waste money."

– B.G.

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What’s Inside Landing On Your Feet


Module 1

Setting Yourself Up Right / Retting Ready for Divorce

  • Think about your priorities and goals

  • Finding and working with your lawyer or mediator

  • Putting together your support team

  • Understand your budget

  • Temporary agreements – taking care of yourself during the divorce

Module 2

Process Options

  • Mediation

  • Collaborative Process

  • Using Neutrals / Support Team

  • Settlement Negotiations

  • Litigation / Trial

Module 3

Spousal Support (also called Alimony) & Intro to Dividing Property

  • Purpose and philosophy (to help get back on feet)

  • Temporary vs post-divorce

  • Amount: Formula vs budgets, cap on payor’s income

  • How long?

  • Deviating, modifying

Module 4

Dividing Property – Yours, Mine and Ours – Dividing Up the Stuff

  • Purpose and Philosophy (economic partnership)

  • Statement of Assets and Debts

  • Determining what is Marital and What is Separate Property

  • Dividing Marital Property

  • Special Kinds of Property – retirement plans, the marital home, businesses, creative works

Module 5

Child Support

  • Basic Support (food clothing shelter) and Add-on Expenses (childcare, after school, camp, tutoring, unreimbursed medical expenses, college)

  • What counts as income?

  • Formula vs Budgets – reasons for deviating

  • Keeping Track – e.g. my family wizard… or joint account

  • Modifying Child Support

Module 6

Creating a Parenting Plan That Works for Your Family

  • Decision Making

  • Regular Parenting time, vacations, holidays

  • Modifying the parenting plan as children get older and their needs evolve

  • Other considerations (special needs, travel, introducing new partners, relocation)

Module 7


  • Communicating
  • Interests and positions
  • Plan B ... (BATNA)
  • Problem-solving
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Boundaries and self-care


Module 8

  • Planning for the future

  • Next steps

  • Course evaluation

  • Celebrating you


I cannot wait to work with you

My job is to help you down the road so you can navigate the twists and turns of your divorce journey with confidence and knowledge to make your journey a little easier.  If you are starting out – or early on – in your divorce journey, you owe it to yourself to give this course a try. 

All my best,


Still thinking about it?

Landing On Your Feet is perfect for you if… 

You want practical, useful knowledge about divorce laws. 

You want to know what questions to ask so you can save money on legal fees.

You want to negotiate an agreement intelligently and compassionately - that will work for you, your spouse and your kids. 

You feel overwhelmed by all of the information on the internet and are not sure where to start.

Got Questions?  Ask away!

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